Has your dog graduated from College for Canines? You are now part of the College for Canines community and have access to my dog boarding facility. I offer exceptional care for your dog while you are away. As a past client, your dog is eligible for dog boarding and training services*. This is a great opportunity to evaluate the dog and touch up on any needed command work. With the training refresh, your dog will be given plenty of stimulation and activities while you are away.

I accept up to 8 dogs at my boarding facility at a time. This allows me to take the best care of your pet. College for Canine clients receive first priority for boarding. I will accept new dogs based on available space. Call (507) 990-6537 for pricing and boarding availability.

*You can request a training refresh at any time, whether or not you are boarding your dog. I recommend a refresh every two months to keep your dog performing at his or her best.