I train puppies 8 weeks and older, and adult dogs of any age. I truly believe every single one of us raising dogs today shares an incredible responsibility in determining how our dogs will view their world. Dogs that are 8 weeks and older are taught commands such as: sit, stay, down, come and heel when walking on their leash.

My basic and advanced obedience training program covers the basic commands for your dog. Each dog obedience training lesson is customized to the animal and the owner. This may include in-home training and public training opportunities at the Rochester mall or outdoor public spaces. I will work with you and your dog to focus on walking, socializing, and other specific concerns you may have.

Hunting dog training is a specialized service I offer within this program. This intensive training for hunting dogs includes obedience and retrieval skills to improve the hunting experience for you and your dog.

Home Training Program

  • One-on-one lessons in your home

  • Basic obedience modifications
  • Starting at $100 for initial visit.

Private Lessons

  • 5 sessions

  • Walking and socializing training

  • Training takes place in public spaces such as indoor or outdoor settings.
  • Starting at $500

Hunting Dog Training

  • The four week training program includes obedience and full dog hunting dog training.
  • Starting at $4800

I offer obedience training within 70 miles of Oronoco. If you are outside this area, please contact me for options.

The private lessons include 5 session times. The in-home training includes 1 lesson at a flat fee, with additional lessons at a lower rate. The hunting dog training is a 4-week program. Call (507) 990-6537 for a custom price quote

I will accept any dog into my in-home training. Dogs must not show any aggression to others in order to be accepted in the private lesson.

Training starts at eight weeks old and older.

I will train your dog on obedience training including leading, socializing, and basic commands. I will meet with you and your dog to evaluate their training needs and incorporate any of your concerns into the lessons.

Off Leash Puppy Obedience
Off Leash Puppy Obedience
Puppy Training
Louis Lead Walking
Puppy Off Lead Obedience
German Commands Obedience Training

Dog Training Programs Include:

  • Puppy to Adult Obedience
  • Service Dogs
  • In-Home Training
  • Dog Aggression
  • Protection Dogs
  • Hunting dogs