Dog behavior modification training is a great way to improve your communication and relationship with your dog. This program is designed to help dogs with behavioral problems such as chewing, digging, and shy or aggressive behavior. Housebreaking is also addressed to make your life easier with your dog.

10-Day Obedience Training

The ten-day (2 week) training program is a board and train approach that includes obedience, sit stay, down stay, loose lead walking and recall. The program also includes socialization training in malls and on trails, pack training with other dogs, crate training, jumping and biting. Pricing begins at $1000.

15-Day Off Lead Dog Training

This 3-week board and train program takes behavior modification dog training to the next level. Your dog will learn the commands from the 10-day program in addition to off-lead training. I will focus this program on full obedience off-lead training and incorporate the owners into the program at the end of the 15-day period. Pricing begins at $1800.

I will work with up to 5 dogs during the 10-day board and train program. This allows me the ability to focus my time on each individual dog and ensure they are properly trained. Please contact me at (507) 990-6537 for more information about the 15-day program.

I average a 3-week lead time from initial contact with the owner to the first day of dog training. The best way to reserve your spot is to call (507) 990-6537 and ask about availability.

The 10-day dog behavior modification program begins at $1000.

The 15-day off-lead training program begins at $1800.

Please call me at (507) 990-6537 for a custom price quote.

I spend the 10-day and 15-day training program with the dogs at my boarding school where I work one-on-one with each dog. The owner/dog interaction will begin at the end of the program where I will demonstrate how to command the dogs.