Well-trained protection dogs are an important asset to your property’s security. I have years of experience training working dogs for businesses and land owners. My one-month protection dog training program will prepare your dog with full obedience and protection training.

This program includes German commands, bite work, and property protection training. The dog will learn the area to protect, how to warn of threats, trained to be turned on/off, and learn commands from the owner. This is a one-on-one dog protection training program that covers everything your dog needs to know to successfully protect your property.

This dog protection training program is designed for working breeds such as German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Please note that I do not provide protection training for family pets.

The best age to begin protection dog training is between 10 to 12 weeks. In many cases, I am able to take a dog within 7 months of age. Call me at (507) 990-6537 to discuss the training options for your dog.

My training program begins at $10,000. This includes one month of training, full protection commands, bite work, and other custom work as discussed with the owner. Call (507) 990-6537 for a custom price quote.

I do not offer this service at this time. However, I can provide some recommendations for your search. Call (507) 990-6537 for more information.

I train each dog per the customer’s needs. This training program is designed to protect home property, commercial property, farmland, and more. Call (507) 990-6537 for more information.